All thoughts, 2016



David Aston is a British artist (b. 1975, Edinburgh) based in London. David secured his BA from Bath Spa University and interned with Bonhams as a fine art auctioneer.

David's work is in UK and American collections and has been exhibited at national exhibitions including the Royal Academy of Arts London, The London Group, The Other Art Fair London & New York and UK exhibitions

David's practice is inspired by the concept of diachronic and the way that language and culture has evolved through time. From dia- ‘through’ + Greek khronos ‘time’ + -ic.

David's recent works act as markers for our transition from material past to technology and data fuelled future. They highlight the profound and sometimes humorous duality of our past, present and future and question our humanity and culture at a time of unprecedented change. 

These multimedia works observe our transition to an age where we need to attest our humanity to machines, proclaim our rights to data, question our collective cultural legacy through acts of digital archeology, and explore future digital possibilities through hashtag muses.

David's earlier sculptural photographic works explore themes of anonymity, commoditisation and copyright through the curation of anonymous 19th century social histories (ULOs, Unidentified Living Objects). Collected photographs are represented as postage stamps, re-packaged as modern point of sale consumables, t-shirts and made into playthings in antique slot machines. These early works also explore the potential for both copyright and copywrong in the reevaluation of historical and personal objects. 

In the Muses series David draws upon his knowledge of early photographies to create timeless highly-choreographed photographic paintings which play with identity, place and time.